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Tax Compliance and Planning

Our goal is unwavering: exceptional client service, always

Taxation rules and regulations are constantly evolving at the municipal, central government, federal and international levels, making it virtually impossible for today’s business managers to stay abreast of requirements. Our expertise frees our clients from this burden.

From tax compliance and planning our insight can prove invaluable to an organization’s future as well as to its leaders’ financial position and peace of mind. Each member of the engagement team – from professional to partner – possesses an extensive tax and business advisory background across diverse industries and sectors.

Our tax services include:

Tax Compliance & Reporting
Tax planning
Treasury Department Representation & Tax Controversies
Personal Financial Planning
Tax-Exempt Organizations
All-Inclusive Fixed Price Service Guarantee

Most of our services are designed around fixed prices, as opposed to hourly rates. Because our Fixed Price Agreement provides ongoing access to the accounting and business advice you need on a fixed-price basis, you are not inhibited from seeking timely advice by the fear of a clock running endlessly.

In addition, Our Fixed Price Agreement offer you access to the accumulated wisdom of the firm through professionals with substantial experience who can help enhance your organization’s future and achieve its business goals.

Many of our services are guaranteed to the complete satisfaction of our clients. If our client is not completely satisfied with the services performed by our professionals, we will,  either refund the price, or accept a portion of said price that reflects client’s level of satisfaction. 



We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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